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The Crown

Songwriter(s): Arielle Horst, Matthew Trego, Natalie Morrison, Justin Morrison

Verse 1:

In the beginning was the Word
The word with God, the Word was God
His humble heart prepared a plan
His fullness walked as flesh of man
He wore the crown


Verse 2:

Our blessed Savior’s head adorned
My sin, the cruel and twisted thorns
The wrath of God was satisfied
Through Christ alone, I’m justified
He bore the crown


Chorus 1:

He wore the crown, He bore our shame
The Son of God for sinners slain
The risen King, has vanquished death
An empty grave was all He left
He wears the crown
He wears the crown


Verse 3:

Our debt was paid upon a tree
His life poured out in agony
He conquered sin, the holy Son
The war on death has now been won
He wears the crown


Chorus 2:

He wears the crown, triumphant King
His perfect blood has rescued me
With trumpet sound He will descend
Fulfill His promise to come again
He’ll wear the crown
He’ll wear the crown


Chorus 3:

You’ll wear the crown forevermore
You’ll build your kingdom and restore
All that has breath will praise your name
Eternal glory, You will reign
You wear the crown
You’ll wear the crown

Vocalist: Natalie Morrison

Producer: Justin Morrison

Special Thanks:

The editors, including Micah & Rebecca Durling, Gabe & Kiera Stoltzfus, Pastor Doug Bozung, and Pastor Dave Horst

The musicians on the recording including Joshua Morken, Justin Morrison, and Matthew Trego

Lyric Video and Art Direction by Arielle Horst