Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF’s)

Sunday's at 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 am


Fall Session - September 11 through November 20

Topic: Building Up One Another
The church can't be all it should be unless we mature in our interpersonal relationships as the Bible commands. We will explore significant "one another" commands in the New Testament and discover how to build up one another.

Don't tear down, don't tolerate - Build Up!

  • 8:15 am CrossGen-1 (adults of all ages) in ALC-A
    Teachers: Carl Martin & Ray Rambo
  • 9:30 am Growing & Middle ABF (ages 35-55) in the Gym
    Teachers: Andy Musser, Josh Sensenig, Fred Umble & Nelson Yoder
  • 9:30 am CrossGen-2 (adults of all ages) in FH-3
    Teachers: Don Adlrich, Rick Culp & Dave Horst
  • 9:30 am Ambassador (ages 55 +) in ALC-B
    Teachers: John Hart & Dan Scheuerlein
  • 10:45 am CrossGen-3 (adults of any age) in ALC-A
    Teachers: Mark Good, Larry Van Etten & Irvin Wenger

Topic: Living with the True God: Lessons from Judges

  • 9:30 am Converge (Singles & couples 25-35) in FH-1
    Teachers: Brian Conroy, Micah Durling, Justin Morrison & Matt Trego

Topic: Jesus in Our Generation

  • 9:30 am Young Adult Singles (ages 18-25)
    Teachers: John Hoffman, Matt Meservy & Steve Rohrbaugh

Topic: Study of Colossians

  • 10:45 am Ladies Elective in FH-6
    Teachers: Sarah Brown, Melissa Horning & Jane Jackson