Our Purpose

Acts 2:42 – “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Everything we do in our group has one of three purposes:  (1) We believe we are meant to KNOW the Word of God.  (2) We believe we are meant to SHOW God’s love through service and evangelism.  (3) We also believe we are to GROW in our affections towards the Lord and to one another.

Accomplishing Our Purpose

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship

This is our main time each week to gather together to study God’s Word.  We will do both topical studies as well as exegetical studies, verse by verse through the Bible.  We meet each Sunday at 9:30AM in room FH-205.  There is no sign-up requirement for this.  Just show up and be a part!

Sunday Morning Worship

Our whole church is encouraged to be a part of our Sunday Worship at CFC, but we think this is of special importance to our Young Adult Singles.  There are many reasons behind this, but the two main ones we see are that, (1) we need to be building relationships with people outside our age group and (2) we need to worship and learn together as the body of Christ.  Most of our Young Adults worship together at our 10:45AM worship service in the sanctuary.

Monthly Gatherings Outside of Church

When we read the Gospels, we realize that Jesus did most of His ministry outside the church and with people where they are at!  We want to embody that mindset in our group.  Therefore we have monthly events geared towards fellowship, service, and outreach.  We hope you’ll join us at an upcoming event!

What We’re Studying

This 11-week Bible study, filmed on location in Israel, is meant to be more than an intellectual analysis of Mark’s gospel. It’s a journey intended to lead you along in the footsteps of Jesus as he walks the road from Galilee to Jerusalem. This guide will require more of you than simply reading the Bible and answering a few questions. It’ll ask you to engage your heart and your hands as well-feeling the full impact of Mark’s writing as well as putting into action the challenges his gospel makes to his reader.