“Fall” In Love Date Night

Registration for this event is now closed.  We hope to do another “date” event in a few months!  Hope you can join us next time.  If you’re already registered, we look forward to seeing you Friday night!

In the midst of the busiest time of year…

Sometimes it’s too easy to forget about the relationships that really matter!  Our “Fall” in Love Date Night is meant to be a fun way to remind us that our relationships are to be marked by Christ’s sacrificial love.  This should lead us to finding JOY in one another.

We’ll gather at around 6PM (location within CFC is to be determined based on # of couples) and enjoy a catered meal by Big John Nolt’s BBQ Company!  This meal will be served by our staff as a thank you to our church family.  Following this, we will play a few couples-oriented games around our tables and then be encouraged in our marriages and dating relationships through a short devotional by Pastor Matt Meservy.

What about childcare?

One of our hopes for this event is that it will be multi-generational!  We love seeing God’s people of all ages come together and encourage one another (especially in regards to our relationships!).  This means, we’re going to do our best to make sure everyone can make it.  If you have young children who will need care, we are currently working on putting together a list of our youth group members who would love the opportunity to babysit for you at your home.  However, it will be up to you to coordinate with them individually.

Please shoot Pastor Matt an email at meservy@cfcnewholland.org if you’d like more information about finding a babysitter.