Here's How To Do Your Craft & Also Why It's Important!

Scroll through the images below for instructions on how to make your G.L.O.W. Jar.

God Lights Our Way - GLOW JAR

What You’ll Need:

  • Jar, tissue paper, cross sticker, and tea light (all included)
  • Mod Podge or watered down white glue
  • Sponge brush or regular brush

What You'll Do

1.  Apply a thin coat of glue to a section of your jar and apply the tissue paper pieces one by one, like a mosaic, to the jar’s surface.  Move from section to section until the jar is covered (except the rim of the jar.  You’ll want to be able to screw the top back on.)

2. When the glue is dry, (about 10 minutes) you can stick the cross somewhere on the side of the jar or on the top of the lid.

3. Put the tea light inside the jar and screw on the lid.


We wanted to give you this G.L.O.W jar as a night-light to remind you that Jesus is always with you.  He is our light and our salvation.  When we put our trust in Him, He gives us peace, even in dark times.

Why do you think a lot of people wear masks this time of year?

The truth is, it can be kind of fun to dress up and pretend you are something you aren’t…  It’s a great way to put our worries aside for a short time.  However, when we pretend we’re something we’re not ALL THE TIME, it can lead to some pretty big problems.  What if you wore your costume to school every day?  What if you really started to believe you were the pirate, baseball player, ghost, etc. that you were dressed up as?  That would lead to some problems wouldn’t it!


The truth is, that a lot of us go around pretending we’re something we’re not all the time.  We pretend we have it all together!  We pretend that we’re perfect.  We pretend that we don’t have any problems.  If we do this for long enough, we often trick ourselves into believing we can handle everything on our own!


The problem with this is that God tells us we can’t handle our problems on our own.  We need His help!  In the book of Romans, God tells us that we all sin.  We all fall short.  We need someone to help us get past our BIG problem of sin.  Praise God that He sent His one and only Son to save us from our sin.  When Jesus came, He didn’t sin!  He lived a perfect life, He was crucified (killed) on a cross to save us from our sin, then three days later He rose again!  He conquered death for us.

The Bible tells us that if we believe that He did these things and pray to God telling Him that we understand and believe, that Jesus will save us from our sins!  


As simple as this is, it leads to some pretty gigantic changes in our lives!  It’s important that you talk with someone about this life changing decision.  We’d love the chance to talk more with you about Jesus.  If you read this and are interested in talking with someone at our church, we’d ask you to fill out the form below: