Are you intimidated by reading the Bible?

Does the Bible seem confusing or difficult to read?

We hope you’ll consider joining us in the Spring of 2024 as we continue this ministry.

Come prepared each week to deeply dive into God’s word as we learn tools for studying the Bible.

Meeting weekly during Tuesday Evenings from 7 to 8:30 PM, Beginning FALL 2024. Moms feel free to bring your age-appropriate daughters who may also benefit from this study.

1 Peter is a book about unfathomable hope in a world of suffering. Written to encourage believers in troubling times, Peter’s letter still speaks today.

Our purpose won’t just be learning from 1st Peter alone, but will instead be to give you tools and skills in order that you can study the Bible for the rest of your life!

We hope these principles will draw you closer to the Lord as well as with the other women involved in the class.  If you’d like to attend, please fill out below and we’ll be in contact!

Also, please note that we’re asking for $10 from each participant to help cover material costs.

Let Us Know You’re Coming! RSVP Below:

We want to grow in our knowledge of and love for who God is, and
we can’t love what we do not know.